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Morgenster White 2014


Colour: Beautiful golden, with green hue.

Palate: Very well poised, perfectly integrated oaking with balanced ripeness and minerality zing off each other.  Melt in the mouth acidity has great staying power and adds a well crafted focus and length. 

Nose: Starting off ripe and fresh, with notes of apricot, pineapple and litchi, hidden aromas of banana, butter, caramel, and zippy citrus, quince and lime then come to the fore

Accolades: Not yet rated

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Technical Analysis

Food SuggestionsThis wine is a perfect match with seafood, goat cheese, oysters, grilled fish, sushi, pasta and pesto and mixed salads. It should also reward with salmon, seared tuna and mussels cooked in white wine.
In The VineyardSouth African grape growers enjoyed a wet winter during 2012, albeit the winter was much colder and wetter than usual. The vineyards experienced bud burst about a week to two weeks late, depending on the cultivar. At least it was pretty even budding. Cold weather conditions after bud burst caused initial slow shoot growth with acceleration in the shoot growth later on as the temperatures started to rise again. Berry set kicked off with a cold and wet October, with higher than usual rainfall and lower temperatures. It was followed by a considerably drier, warmer November. The warmest December was experienced in 48 years with 23 days above 30ºC and 10 days above 35ºC. The dense canopy and the fact that the growing season was two week late, limited sunburn to the minimum but strong winds during November and December caused damaged to the bunches, canopy and even trellis systems. January and February were wetter than usual and more variation between day and night temperatures had a positive impact on the grape quality during the ripening period. The rain during especially late February made picking quite anxious at times!
WinemakerHenry Kotze
Main VarietySemillon
Total Acid5.83
Ageing PotentailThis wine will still be offering much pleasure at age 10.
Blend InformationSauvignon blanc 51% Semillon 49%

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