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  • MorgensterVespri 2017, made from Vermentino, marks the entrance of the fourth of Giulio Bertrand’s opera themed Italian Collection wines and is part of his project to produce excellent wine in South Africa from Italian cultivars. With this aromatic grape variety he has added a white to his existing cast of reds: MorgensterNabucco (Nebbiolo), Tosca (a... MorgensterVespri 2017, made from...

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  • Morgenster olives are cured using a natural fermentation process; leaving a crisp olive full of natural flavours; the process demands patience as it takes 9 to 12 months to cure the olives - but patience always provides rewards.

    The Nocellara olive, native to Sicily, was one of the many Italian varieties that Morgenster's owner Giulio...
    Morgenster olives are cured using a...

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  • Colour: Deep dark red

    Palate: Sumptuously smooth with enough fine tannin to broaden the palate weight and add an extra dimension to a very fruit driven experience 

    Nose: Red, black and bramble berries, classic pencil shaving, graphite, cedar

    Colour: Deep dark red Palate:...

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  • Morgenster Sangiovese 2018 is one of the Estate’s first single
    varietal wines to be rebranded under new labelling.
    Cellar master, Henry Kotzé, has great respect and affection for
    this unique cultivar. For Morgenster Sangiovese 2018 he has
    styled it into a delicious anytime, anywhere wine, light fresh and
    fruit driven. “Think of it...
    Morgenster Sangiovese 2018 is one of...

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  • Colour: Light sunshine gold, with green hue

    Palate: Complex, elegant and powerful with some
    citronella zing and great acidity sweetness.

    Nose: A delightfully fragrant, ripe and fresh wine,
    offering notes of verbena, white peach, apricot and
    Colour: Light sunshine gold, with...

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